Why single mums make brilliant business women (Guest post by Lucy Good)

My journey to become a single mum was a hard one. For many it is. Yet, dealing with difficulties can make us stronger. And this is definitely the case when it comes to business. I believe that single mothers have incredible qualities that make them excellent employees, brilliant business owners and kick-ass career climbers.


I make this assumption not only based on myself (if you had told me in my married life that I’d be a business owner, I’d have laughed into my comfortably regular pay packet), but also on hundreds of single mothers I chat to daily.


Just a few weeks ago I posted on my Facebook Group, the Single Mum Vine, asking what members did for a living. The response was astounding. It included truck drivers, travel consultants, police officers, nurses, CEO’s, beauty therapists, doctors, teachers, support officers, scientists, interior designers, authors, business owners, psychic mediums, health workers, hairdressers .. and everything in between.


So what is this skill-set these women acquire on their single mother journeys, and why do they make such a fabulous asset to the workforce?



You won’t find a single mother giving-up as ‘it’s all too hard’. No sir-eee. Our lives are riddled with responsibilities we have to keep, both in the care of our kids, as well as general and financial obligations. If we say we’re going to do something, we damn well will. Our absolute loyalty and dedication in all our business dealings, puts us top of the corporate chain when it comes to commitment.



Whether it’s a difficult job, a tricky team member or the complexities of building a business, a single mum will see it through. The daily grind of our home life means we just keep going, displaying, sometimes super-human, strength and perseverance. We have extensive stamina that lends itself brilliantly to the toughest workplace or corporate challenge.



A single mum does it all. With no one else to reply on she is the ultimate independent woman. Self-sufficiency in business is a super-skill. With it, we ooze confidence, self-assurance and professionalism. It makes us fast, fluid decision makers and gives us the ability to learn new roles quickly and efficiently.

Team player

A single mum is part of a team. That is her family. And she is at the top of the pyramid. Being part of a team is an intricate business skill that single mothers excel at. We have no problem pulling our weight, and that of others if needed (being in a team with under 5’s means we are used to pulling the weight of others!). We can lead teams with ease, and thrive as part of a team in any business situation that comes our way.



Truthfulness, fairness and virtue are values that a single mum teaches her children daily. They are held in high regard throughout our world. We have upmost respect for corporate cohesion. We ‘get’ that some matters are sensitive. We cut through the BS with honesty and straight-forward understanding. We have ethics and we live by them, at home, in the workplace and with anyone we do business with.



If there is one thing a single mama has in large, abounding quantities, it is ambition. Having embraced a new path in life, we intend to make the very most of it. Our level of success is entirely relative to the level at which we can nurture and provide for our families. A massive mummy motivator. Plus, as the sole influencer to our children, we want them to see us aspire and achieve. So they watch, learn and do the same in their own lives.


Lucy Good created Beanstalk Single Mums. An online space which empowers single mothers to re-find their potential and re-build their confidence through a website that delivers targeted information and support.

Lucy works with hundreds of single mothers through the offering of her online course and her Facebook group. She is a blogger, podcaster and mentor. She also speaks regularly on a local radio station, writes articles for the online parenting community and continually hunts down resources of benefit to the single motherhood.

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Why single mums make brilliant business women (Guest post by Lucy Good)

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