The winning combination to overcome your next plateau


Have you ever felt your career, business or life plateau and thought to yourself –

“Is this it? No way. There’s got to be more than this! Isn’t there….?”

Knowing deep inside that you have more to give and achieve and yet somehow unable to progress?

I recently experienced this with exercise. Whether you exercise or not is actually irrelevant right now. You can absolutely apply what I’m about to tell you to your career or business too. So please keep reading if you want to learn about how to overcome a plateau of any kind.

Two to three times a week I do my favourite exercise – Body Pump. I’ve been going on and off (mostly on) for 15 years. Every quarter there’s new music and new moves so I never get bored. In the past month I thought I’d hit a plateau with my weights.

I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been and lifting the heaviest weights I ever have. I started to wonder if this was it. If I’d reached my peak and needed to move onto a different type of exercise regime. The thought of doing the same weights for ever more was not an exciting thought.

At first I thought the best way through a plateau would be to persevere. Keep showing up and eventually something would shift. I was wrong. And I was right.

For a few weeks I convinced myself that I couldn’t possibly increase my weights. For various reasons. Mostly excuses and fears. Nothing concrete. Just enough self doubt to stop me from challenging myself. Each time I didn’t increase my weights I would think about how it would feel if I did. The first few times I thought about it I felt scared and nervous.

One day last week I finally ran out of excuses and started to think about reasons why I should try. I even started to think about how awesome it would feel to increase my weights and overcome the plateau.

I had been thinking about this change for long enough to suddenly feel confident about it. That’s how I came to do 30kg squats for five minutes. Three times in one week and each time it felt more amazing!

What did I learn from this experience and what do I want you to take from this?

When you’re experiencing a plateau, and at some point we all do, simply persisting won’t be enough. It’s only part of the equation. You might even reach a point where your persistence doesn’t seem to pay off so you quit.

The combination you need to overcome any plateau is persistence, confidence/courage and change.

Persistence to keep going and confidence to make a change or accept a new challenge. To do something different. Big or small. Start small then go bigger.

Don’t focus on how scary the climb to the top could be and how many times you might stumble along the way.

Don’t let your fears and doubts about your abilities hold you back or weigh you down either.

Focus on how awesome the view will be when you’ve overcome the plateau and reached the next summit.


If you’re experiencing a plateau, particularly with your career or business, I’d love to help you overcome it. Simply send me an email to get started.

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The winning combination to overcome your next plateau

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