What new mums need to pack for a beach trip

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The thought of a family beach trip is enough to send any new mum into a tailspin.


Pre children: a day out to the beach was relatively easy.  A swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, cover-up, money, water and a change of clothes would keep you happy for the day.  Forgetting something was no major drama as it was easy to adapt.


The logistics behind such a trip is not like it used to be; now you have children.

Taking a young family out for the day requires planning and careful thought to ensure you have all the essentials required to survive the excursion.


There are 3 main categories you need to think about:  Clothing and accessories, food and toys.



The great thing about the beach is that you require very few clothes.

Get changed before you go, so you do not need to change children in and around the sand.


I also like to apply sunscreen before I leave.  This way the sunscreen has time to absorb into the skin before your skin is exposed to the sun (remember to apply regularly to avoid sun burn).


– Swimsuits (if you breastfeed, invest in swimwear with good bust support and easy breastfeeding access)

– Sandals and or thongs

– Broad brimmed Sunhat

– Sunglasses

– Large Beach bag

– Cover up

– Change of clean dry clothes

– Rash shirts

– Spare hair ties

– Swim Diapers

– Wipes and spare plastic bag for used diapers and or wipes

– 2 Towels per person (keep 1 dry and clean for each person for the end of the day)

– Large Blanket to sit on

– Beach Umbrella or beach tent

– Money

– Camera/phone


what new mums need to pack for a beach trip

Skin Protection

Protecting our skin is super important and should not be underestimated.  Invest in good branded skin care products and always check the expiry date before use.


– High protection sunscreen

– Lip balm

– Shampoo/Conditioner

– Moisturizer or skin soother

– First Aid Kit



Always pack more than you think you will need.  Pack food into plastic containers, this way you have little paper wastage to worry about on the day.


– A food cooler bin

– Plenty of water

– Healthy snack bars

– Fruit

– Ready made sandwiches



Toys will be good entertainment to the day.  Don’t get caught trying to take everything to the beach.  Simple uncomplicated toys are best; avoid taking electronics or I-pads.  Encourage your children to play in the sand and to enjoy what nature has to offer.


– Bucket and spade

– Small containers for filling and collecting shells

– Small Surfboard for riding small waves

– Floaters


TIP:  Always take a spare backpack so all the wet toys can be placed into one bag at the end of the day.  This avoids a sandy mess to clean up when you get home.



Once you have your equipment list sorted it is important to think carefully about he location.  Not all beaches are suitable for young families.


Do your research and ask around.  Family friendly beaches tend to be harbor side beaches, which means calmer water, which is more enjoyable for young children.


The facilities are better too.  Toilets, baby changing tables, out door showers etc. are well positioned for ease of use.


Family friendly beaches tend to attract like-minded people.  Families are more tolerant of other people’s children and the behavior that can sometimes come with them.


Your children may even spark up a new friendship during the day.


Packing the car

To avoid stress pack the car the night before.  This way you can simply wake the next day, have breakfast and get on the road early to make the most of your day.


TIP: Line the car boot with plastic or an old towel to help protect your car from the sand and wet collected throughout the day.


Lastly, Enjoy!

There is nothing better than spending the day with your family.  Enjoy the experience and de-stress for the day!

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What new mums need to pack for a beach trip

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