My Social Media Experiment

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At this point in time I am more globally connected than I have ever been.

This week I launched Undercover Mum on Instagram and learnt a thing or two about being human. I set out to share my free ebook with more people and unintentionally received a lesson on human psychology as well. Bonus!

I have hundreds of new followers and have learnt so much from the experience. Social media is exciting but also overwhelming. It can consume hours of your precious time because it’s SO interesting. It’s unlimited reality, the human experience being shared universally (well actually just globally for now).

I have realised that we are living in such an incredible time. The sharing of the human experience MUST be at its highest in history via the internet and social media. And let me tell you if you haven’t already noticed … it’s complicated!

Being a human being is such a different experience for every single one of us. Some experiences are shared but NO ONE has experienced ALL of the same things as you, at the same time, in the same combination. We really are all unique. Through social media we can connect with people who have had similar experiences and know we are not alone. And we can understand the experiences of others without having experienced it ourselves. How cool is that!

The first week of Undercover Mum on Instagram has been INTENSE. I have had to log out of Instagram during the day when I don’t want to be distracted (or obsessed) by the notifications. It’s exciting to gain new followers and have people comment on your posts! I may have also done some unnecessary online shopping (ssh don’t tell hubby!).

This past week I feel like I really put myself out there on Instagram. It was initially scary. So far no haters, win! People seemed to enjoy the messages from my ebook and some even engaged in conversation about their experiences as a working mum. Hurrah!

BUT. And you probably saw this coming. I feel like I let the excitement of new followers and comments consume me and felt overwhelmed at times.

What keeps you up at night? Children? Husband? (wink wink) TV? A good book? Insomnia? Social media? For me it’s my brain and creativity.

Inspiration never visits me when I’m on social media, only late at night when I’m ready to sleep. I’m a huge Liz Gilbert fan and you HAVE to read her latest book Big Magic. To ignore inspiration would be a personal tragedy!

We’ve all got stories to share with the world. Some people have more than others, some with more purpose and intention than others.

I want to share what I learnt as a new mum returning to work, the most difficult transition in my life so far. I want to help others have a more positive transition or at least find comfort in my struggles.

What I’ve also realised is that I have my best ideas when I’m doing something mindless like cleaning, showering, hanging washing …. NOT while using social media. When I’m on social media my creativity is stifled. And then late at night when the house is quiet, the kids and hubby are asleep, my creativity comes alive! It’s so annoying too because all I want to do is crawl into bed and SLEEP (before my 3 month old wakes me for a feed!). Sometimes I have already gotten comfortable in bed and then BAM! Great idea comes along that I KNOW will be gone when I wake up.

I’m going to give my phone the week off like it’s 1999. My phone is going back to basics (Olivia Newton John anyone?) Texting and calling only. And taking photos of course. And taking notes, I love that feature. But that’s it, no internet. Maybe I should let my phone experience the 90s with a crazy old school ringtone, instead of always being on silent for fear of embarrassing me with notifications at inappropriate times. If you see me on social media you have permission to slap me or at least shame me about it. I dare you!

Imagine what my life will be like WITHOUT social media, even just for a little while. Maybe I will have great ideas ALL THE TIME. Well, I’m willing to trial it just for a week. I’m going to disconnect from social media (while on a family holiday at the beach) and report back. It might be amazing, it might be totally boring and I’m willing (and brave enough!) to find out. It’s too bad the resort has free wifi. Oh well.

There are a couple of books I’ve been meaning to read that I never prioritise over social media or internet based activities. It’s time to dust off the books and read read read.

Plus lots of time in the sun, by the pool, at the beach, swimming/playing/reading books to Mr 3, cuddling my lady baby, hanging with my hubby and friends, free movies, eating yummy food (gelati!), a few sneaky beverages … I’m sure it won’t be boring!

Enjoy the Undercover Mum hiatus on social media. Because next week I’ll be back with a vengeance…or maybe not. We’ll see.

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My Social Media Experiment

2 thoughts on “My Social Media Experiment

  • February 28, 2016 at 12:05 pm

    Nice work sweetheart – the of post & the social media black out! I have some tips re notifications & concentrating your social media time to when it’s useful & productive 😉. Enjoy your holiday. You deserve it!

    • March 4, 2016 at 5:14 am

      Thanks Vicki. I’m definitely still finding my feet with all things social media xo


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