Need a babysitter? 6 tips for choosing the right one

Coastal babysitterA great babysitter is a valuable resource to busy parents and working mums.

However, finding the right babysitter can be daunting so here are 6 tips to bear in mind when you are looking for babysitter bliss for your little ones.

Here are 6 tips from working mum, Orly Muscat from Coastal Babysitters, to help you find the right babysitter for your family.


1. Check Their References

This will be the person you are trusting your children’s lives, experiences and learning experiences with. Making sure they are who they say they are, that they have the correct experience and that they have the values you want for your children is crucial.

Doing this will mean phoning families they have previously babysat for or employers outside of this they may have worked for. With a set list of questions which are important to you and your children, take the time to connect with these people and talk until you are satisfied.

Google will have some great ideas of questions you can ask if you can’t come up with anything.


2. Check their Qualifications

To be able to work with children, a background check must be performed by the governing body in each state. Always check their card number and make sure it is valid and in date. This is a Working with Children check and essentially involves a National Criminal History Check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.  This shows your children will be kept safe.

It is also advisable to ensure they have a First Aid and CPR certificate.


3. Interview

Make sure you conduct an interview before hiring a babysitter. Write a list of questions relevant to your family. We’ll all have the standard questions such as age, availability, experience etc, but make it more targeted to what you need for your family:

  • Do you need the kids picked up from school?
  • Do you need someone to make snacks or dinner if you’re stuck at work and are they flexible with times?
  • Are they available last minute if you get called into work that morning?
  • Are they happy to take the children out of the house?

Coastal babysitter


4. Invite the Babysitter for a Trial

This way you can see their style and how they interact with your children. Observe and see their playfulness, professionalism, or how they generally interact with the children. Most importantly, see how the children react to them and the connection they make and talk to your children afterwards to get how they gauge the whole idea.


5. Trust your Gut Instinct!

On paper, your potential babysitter may have it all…. BUT…. there’s something you don’t like, and you can’t put your finger on it… Trust your instincts!  You can do a second trial if you really want to and even go out for a few hours.  Do what’s in your heart.


6. Go through an Agency

This is a tip in itself.  It’s hard work doing all the above but going through an agency cuts out a lot of this work.  The agency does most of this for you, all you do is let them know what you want and then they do the rest and deliver a babysitter to meet with and see if you connect and if all is well, you have yourself a fully qualified, experienced, insured and wonderful babysitter (backed by an agency).

We hope these tips benefit you in your babysitter search and if you’re looking for an established, respected and local agency contact Coastal Babysitters on:

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Need a babysitter? 6 tips for choosing the right one

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