Year in Review: The Best of Undercover Mum in 2017

Before we say farewell to 2017 and welcome 2018 it seems only fitting to acknowledge and celebrate the year that was…

2017 was the second full calendar year of Undercover Mum.

A grand total of 16 blog posts were published including guest posts by Lucy Good (Beanstalk Single Mums), Desiree Turner, Liz, Cake Maternity, Orly Muscat (Coastal Babysitters), Chloe Taylor, Gemma (Find My Space).

The blog was read more than 12,000 times by a global audience.


Thank you for your continued support in 2017, especially if you read, shared, liked or commented on blog posts directly on the blog or via social media. You rock!


Undercover Mum was also featured by other blogs, podcasts and businesses including:


Other highlights for the year included:

  • 2 live events hosted at Silo Paddington (Brisbane)
  • 1 free webinar about time management
  • New clients
  • Attended ProBlogger Brisbane
  • Met and collaborated with many other mums in business online


Here are the most read blog posts published in 2017:

  1. Lisa Wilkinson’s shock career move: what nobody is talking about
  2. Better than work/life balance: why work/life mix matters
  3. The surprising sacrifice mums make
  4. Take a break from mum duties – get a room!
  5. Why single mums make brilliant business women


Social media highlights:

  • 339 posts and 20.3k likes on Instagram
  • Instagram Top Nine
  • 302 posts & 1800 likes on Facebook
  • Reached over 107k people on Facebook


What can you expect in 2018?

Well you’ll just have to watch this space to find out…

More amazing collaborations and blog posts are definitely on the cards!

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Year in Review: The Best of Undercover Mum in 2017

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