How I survived my first month as a school mum

This year my eldest child started school and I became a school mum. I wasn’t prepared for the intense emotional states that would occur in my household.

Suddenly the kids (Miss 2 & Mr 5) weren’t going to sleep as early or easily as they used to. 8pm bedtime became the norm, even though we’d start the bedtime routine at 6.30pm. Even though they’re early risers, usually between 5am and 5.30am (6am is a luxurious sleep-in in my house!). This also left little time for me and hubby to enjoy our evening before our own bedtime (9pm). Everyone was exhausted!

Meltdowns from Mr 5 were longer, more intense and more frequent and he suddenly seemed rundown despite healthy food and sleep habits.

So after an intense start to the year I was searching for practical solutions to help my family adjust to school and optimise our wellbeing. One of my new school mum friends introduced me to essential oils and the oily experiment began.

Was I skeptical about how essential oils could help me and my family? Absolutely!

Even though I’m an avid user of homeopathy, which has supported my family during my kids’ health crises (reactive airways, hand foot & mouth, flu, colds etc), I was still super sceptical of something new.

Thousands of people all over the world, including mums like me and you, are using these oils to support their family’s health and wellbeing. Thousands of people couldn’t be wrong. Right?

I knew my family couldn’t keep going the way we were though, and I was willing to try something new.

In my oily experiment I wanted to test:

If I add lavender oil footrubs to our bedtime routine then the kids will wind down faster and easier and we’ll all get more sleep (ie less wake ups during the night too)

If I diffuse balance oil in my living area after school then there will be less emotional tension in my household.

Method & materials

So far I’ve tried:

* bedtime footrubs of lavender peace and juniper berry oils to help us all unwind at the end of the day and combat nightmares.

* diffusing balance, anchor & cardamom to alleviate emotional tension in our household.

Results (so far)

Bedtime is getting easier and earlier (between 7.30pm and 8pm). Nightmares are gone.

Screaming matches have been replaced by cuddles (most of the time).


2020 update: we still use these amazing products as we need them, especially at bedtime with the kids. We diffuse Lavender Peace and Juniper Berry most nights for relaxation and sleep. OnGuard and EasyAir go in the bedtime diffusers for colds.

What’s next?

Ever since I started Undercover Mum (back in 2015) I’ve been looking for ways to support mums to achieve their version of work/life balance. To successfully navigate the obstacles that come with balancing a career/business with motherhood (and life!). With less sacrifice and guilt and more satisfaction.

Initially I thought this was through online coaching, mentoring and group workshops. I ran a series of workshops in early 2017. I loved every minute of it! I also ramped up my own career and had less time for Undercover Mum.

My career is for me and my family. My blog is for YOU.

I know the blog posts have helped lots of ambitious mums return to their career and find their version of work/life balance. But I wanted to do more. I wanted Undercover Mum to be able to help mums in super practical ways. Especially with the tricky emotional situations and health challenges that come with being a mum and a professional and adding daycare to your life.

Finally, after 3 years of searching, I’ve found a practical solution to add to Undercover Mum. Something that provides the support we all need to have a happy and healthy family. Whenever you need it. Whether it’s more sleep, balance or confidence for you and your family.

So I’m pleased to announce that you can now learn about essential oils from me. Sharing is caring so I’ll be sharing my journey of learning about the oils and using them in my life with you.

Disclaimer: Don’t worry I won’t be spamming you about essential oils all the time. You’ll still see the content you’ve come to love and expect from me on the blog and on social media with the added bonus of sometimes sharing my ongoing essential oils experiments and discoveries with you. If you want to receive more frequent information about oils join my free facebook group Undercover Oils.


Now that I understand the benefits of essential oils to support my family’s health and wellbeing I only wish I’d discovered them sooner (here’s why). I believe the oils can benefit mums returning to work and mums who want to make the ongoing management of wellbeing within their household easier and more effective.


I’ve updated my FREE return to work cheatsheet to add relevant essential oils to assist with common concerns mums have about returning to work (if you’ve already downloaded it you’ll receive the new version via email very soon).


I’ve also added relevant essential oils to my FREE priorities template so you can be more efficient at work, especially if you often feel pressed for time.


During this experiment I’ve also been impressed by:

  • High quality ethically sourced oils (bonus: they also smell amazing)
  • Incredibly versatile & easy to use oils (so many practical uses to support the health and wellbeing of my family)
  • So many ways to start using oils (live, share or build)
  • Value for money (25% off all oils with a wholesale account, optional loyalty rewards program for even better value for money, no minimum spend, buy what you need)
  • Flexible yet rewarding business model (if you choose to build a business)
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How I survived my first month as a school mum

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