Why I wish I’d discovered doTERRA sooner

The beauty of hindsight is well known and when it comes to using doTERRA essential oils with my family I’ve had many moments this year when I’ve remembered past moments of sickness, especially with my kids, and wished I’d had these high quality highly effective products back then.


As Cher famously sang “if I could turn back time” this is what my life with essential oils could have been like.


If you have a baby or young children here are the ways doTERRA essential oils can support you and your family’s health and well being:


Daycare germs

When my first baby started daycare at eight months old I used up A LOT of sick leave. He seemed to catch every germ going around. Not only was it difficult seeing him so miserable and unwell it was stressful having to call work so often and explain that I needed to look after my son.


If I’d had doTERRA products in my life back then I would have diffused immune bomb (tea tree, lemon, frankincense, on guard, oregano) in his room overnight and applied it topically to reduce the severity and duration of his symptoms.


I was able to do this for my family earlier this month when the flu was going around. I made sore throat gargle, diffused and applied immune bombs topically and used doTERRA Easy Air to clear sinuses and doTERRA DigestZen to ease nausea. I didn’t need to have any time off work, no daycare was missed and my son only had one day home sick from school.


Respiratory challenges

When my son was between the ages of eight months old and two and a half years old he was hospitalised 5 times with reactive airways. We may not have been able to avoid this happening altogether using essential oils but I could have supported his immune system better by diffusing the immune bomb and applying topically and also helped him breathe better using doTERRA Easy Air topically and in the diffuser.


Ever since I had my wisdom teeth removed in my early 20s I’ve suffered sinusitis every time I get run down or catch a cold or flu. I’ve gotten better at managing it with over the counter drugs but not able to avoid it altogether until now. Earlier this month I experienced flu symptoms and my sinuses started to ache. By using immune bombs and doTERRA Easy Air I was able to avoid sinusitis. Yay! For me that also means avoiding weeks of discomfort and antibiotics.


Tummy bugs

I’d love to say we could have avoided having gastro altogether (which we seem to experience every 6 months) but that would be a big fat lie. If I’d had essential oils in the past I could have better supported (and hopefully shortened) our recovery. You know how it can take days to feel right and for the nausea to subside even after the bug has left your system? By using DigestZen topically and internally (adults only) we could have regained our appetites and energy levels much faster.



My son had a terrible time with teething and had ALL of his teeth by the time he was 14 months old. His two year molars came through last all at the same time and he didn’t consume anything except milk and over the counter pain relief for about two weeks. It was horrible to see him in so much pain. Oh how I wish I’d had natural remedies like essential oils back then. I could have applied a blend of Roman Chamomile or Frankincense and Lavender to his jaw to ease his discomfort.



Who doesn’t need more sleep when raising babies and young children?! Of course any of the above scenarios are known for zapping sleep, particularly teething and sickness. I probably would have enjoyed more sleep in the past 5 years by using essential oils for these reasons – and so would my kids and husband.


There are also essential oils for sleep and my all time favourite blend – doTERRA Lavender Peace for assisting my family fall asleep faster at bedtime and stay asleep during the night.


There are of course many other ways doTERRA essential oils can support you and your family. These are just the challenging moments that come to mind for me and are commonly experienced by families with babies and young children.


The good news is that even if you’re like me and you’re now thinking “doTERRA, where have you been all my life?!” it’s never too late to introduce these amazing products into your life (and share them with your friends and family or add them to your business).


If you’re interested in learning more about how essential oils can support you and your family’s health and wellbeing you can purchase them here or contact me to request a free sample or attend my next free class (in Brisbane or online).

Most of the oils mentioned in this article are included in the family essentials kit, home essentials kit and natural solutions kit. All of these kits are very popular with families as the essential oils are heavily discounted and are highly effective in managing health and wellbeing. You can purchase them here.
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Why I wish I’d discovered doTERRA sooner

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