Stop dreaming, start doing (follow your dreams)

When was the last time you did something you’ve been dreaming of?

When was the last time you put off doing something or talked yourself out of doing something that deep down you really wanted to do?

This month I did my first jazz AND tap classes in TEN YEARS.

I have so many amazing memories of dance lessons, competitions and concerts from my childhood.

Sometimes I even have dreams that I’m back on the stage performing! I loved dance so much when I was growing up. Still do.

So why did I leave it so long?


What if my body can’t handle it? (My body has changed A LOT since having kids!)

What if I don’t enjoy myself or have fun?

What if I can’t remember how to dance or it’s too difficult for me now?

It’s too expensive. Two hours of dance classes is the equivalent of a fortnight of my gym membership!

I let these excuses and negative thoughts talk me out of doing something I genuinely love.

For ten years I prioritised everything else in my life instead.


What finally made me stand up to these negative thoughts and excuses (aka fear)?

A statistic about dancing being the BEST insurance policy against stress and brain diseases.

As you probably know by now, health is one of my highest values.

Suddenly all my excuses looked weak in comparison.

So how did it go? Did I survive??

I’m pleased to say that not only did I survive but my body and brain coped incredibly well. There’s a lot to be said for muscle memory!

My body surprised me, despite the extra jiggly bits (mum tum) compared to when I was at my prime dancing fitness at 17 years of age.

Sometimes my brain couldn’t quite keep up with the speed of the tap steps in the routine.

And there’s significant room for improvement when it comes to my flexibility.

But it was more fun than scary and more rewarding than difficult.

I’ll be back and it can really only get easier from this point on.

So back to you: what is that thing you’ve been talking yourself out of doing? Isn’t it time to make it happen already?

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Stop dreaming, start doing (follow your dreams)

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