How full is YOUR cup?

How full is YOUR cup?

And I don’t mean with coffee or wine (although those things are very nice and serve a purpose too). No, I’m talking about your internal cup. Your soul. The cup that can feel rather empty when you are a woman of many roles: wife, mother, friend, employee/boss, daughter, sister, the list goes on. When you are taking care of many different people, big and small, in your life. Especially when you have little people at home.


It’s your responsibility to realise when the cup is almost empty and top it up before you are completely drained. When your cup is almost empty you feel tired, overwhelmed, exhausted and everything gets to you. There is only so much you can lovingly give, after that it all starts to feel like a chore and resentment creeps in. Resentment for the life choices you have made to get you to this point.


The good news is an empty or depleted cup can be filled. You just have to know what to put in it and this is different for everyone.


It is YOUR responsibility to find and know the things that energise and recharge your soul so that you have the capacity to help others. What fills your cup? It could be watching an episode of Greys Anatomy alone or taking a hot bath. It might be having friends over for dinner and playing cards against humanity. Be careful not to fill your cup with food though. Emotional eating might just leave you feeling overfull or worse about your situation. Feed your soul, but not with food.


When your cup is full you feel more resilient, more content with life, able to handle pressure, and think clearer.


Don’t rely on others to fill your cup for you, especially your children. It’s not their responsibility.


Self-care, especially amongst mothers, is one of the most underrated practices in our society. It’s not prioritised by many and can seem like another thing to feel guilty about. I’m hoping that if we keep banging on about how important it is we can stop talking about it and stop reminding each other how essential it is to live a happy and fulfilled life.


I’m hoping there will come a time when EVERYONE is nurturing themselves and their soul first, especially working mums.


Remember to regularly check in with yourself and how you’re feeling and if you can feel your cup getting empty you know it’s time to take action and fill it back up.


There’s no greater feeling than your cup being full – whether it’s your soul, wine glass or coffee mug!


To find out more about how to discover what fills your cup and make more time for the activities that make you feel energised as a working mum find out how we can work together online.

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How full is YOUR cup?

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