2016 Recap: Best of the Blog



2016 was the first full calendar year of blogging here at Undercover Mum. What a year it was! Let’s recap…


A grand total of 30 blog posts were published, including guest blogs by Loopsy Mum, Employee Champion, Natalie Moore and Heather.


The blog was read more than 5,000 times by a global audience.



Not to mention a number of guest posts for other blogs including:

  • The Huffington Post
  • Diverse City Careers
  • The Fashionable Fit Mum
  • The Corporate Mummy
  • Confident Life
  • Make Me Up Mandy
  • Mummy Misgivings.


Thank you for your support this year, especially if you read, commented and shared blog posts.


Here are the most viewed blog posts for 2016 (in case you missed any).



1) What’s your childcare mindset – cost or investment?




2) My Biggest Return to Work Mistakes




3) 3 Reasons Why Every Working Mum Should Hire a Cleaner




4) Secrets of a Time Savvy Working Mum




5) Working Mum Motives




Happy reading!


Please share and comment if any of these posts resonate with you.


If you’re interested in guest blogging in 2017 please contact me with your ideas.

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2016 Recap: Best of the Blog

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