I cannot recommend Kim’s work enough. A few small tweaks to my week and I’ve managed to find some time to catch my breath between work and family. Check out her stuff, she is brilliant!

~ Helena Ryan, Ancestral Clearer





Kim’s sessions are friendly and effective. She approached our sessions with genuine empathy and a desire to help me determine the most fitting approach *for me*.

We collaborated to determine ways to better consider my life and concepts of success both professionally and personally and how to map out an effective path that balances both.

Thank you for your time, Kim, and for the clarity!

~ Ellie Whittaker, Textile Designer, Ellie Whittaker Design Studio


copy-of-i-love-this-post-im-in-the-throes-of-returning-to-work-after-having-my-little-boy-and-weighing-it-all-upyour-words-are-so-supportive-right-now-thank-you-1You thoroughly helped to boost my self-esteem, gave me a boost of confidence and made me feel like I had a bright star guiding me towards success.

I just wanted to send you a BIGGG thank you! Since I used your action plan and we had our phone hook ups, I have attained all of my goals, and within the set timeframes! I am so proud of myself and so grateful for your guidance.

I now have a much more rewarding career, which has resulted in a much happier wife and mother, armed with the tools to continue to improve my work / family life balance.

~ Kelly Briton-Jones, Environmental Advisor, Adelaide

Kim made me feel comfortable. She listened. She didn’t tell me what to do. She actually let me work out how I can figure this out myself with her help and her ideas. Kim is excellent at what she does.

~ Elizabeth Dermody, Entrepreneur, Coffs Harbour

Watch Elizabeth’s full testimonial below:

I also love helping working mums find time for themselves, like this business owner and mum of three:

I fantasized about checking into a hotel to finally get an uninterrupted night of sleep (and maybe a deep bath with a glass of wine).

I wasn’t going to do it, for a myriad of reasons. After reading your article, I will.

In reality, we can afford it and I can take the time if I just stop feeling guilty for spending the money, letting go of my responsibilities and leaving my kids for a night .

My family will be better off if I’m not trying to pour from an empty cup.

~ Nehdj, working mother of three

copy-of-i-love-this-post-im-in-the-throes-of-returning-to-work-after-having-my-little-boy-and-weighing-it-all-upyour-words-are-so-supportive-right-now-thank-youSince our session and coming across your website I have had a chance to really look at what I want to achieve, realise that I can achieve that and still have a happy and balanced life.

I am happy to know that I can have a successful career and be a good mum.

I’m glad that I came across you before going back to work, it will definitely save me a lot of heartache.

I will recommend you to a few of my friends whom I’m sure will be happy to learn what I have learnt.

~ Fadzai Mamvura, Business Owner, Student & Mum, Perth

This is what new mums have said about the FREE return to work cheat sheet:


I’ve recently returned to work (for the first time in 4 years). The cheatsheet was great! For me, points 2 & 3 were most relevant and helpful.
~ Meaghan Clarke, Assessment Manager, Brisbane.
It’s great. Short and sweet, touching on the most tricky emotional parts mums will be thinking or feeling about their return.
~ Sasha Rose, Melbourne.